I am a trader (trading on financial market, stocks, futures) and I was looking for a program, I can keep all mi trades, write notes and keep screen capture images and finally I found Smart Diary. It is best diary software that I know, easy to search past records and easy to post new. I advise all my friends. Many Thanks!
Posted By: Tome
Trading, Investor, Seattle, WA
I was looking for diary/pim software for very long time. I downloaded and testet many different programmes and didn't find anything usefull for me. Then I found Smart Diary Suite, tested it for few days and now I can say - that's it! I need software for planning my home/work tasks, with good calendar and adress book. Looks like SDS is perfect choice for me. Thank you for good job!
Posted By: Greg
Lodz, Poland
I had an older version of SDS but my computer crashed and I lost it so I had to use a trial version for 30 days. Thankfully I was able to do that this is the best for keeping track of my busy schedule and my contacts I really like all the features and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great way to track everything from appointments to keeping a journal. I also like the way you can customize and add categories.
Posted By: Jon Ruchman
run my own business, Florida
I find Smart Diary Suite to be the best for keeping track of my busy schedule. Very easy to use, I would recommend it to everyone. There are many features that I can customize to look the way I want.
Posted By: Jon Ruchman
self employed, Floridia
Dear Team Members of SDS,

My profession demands complex follow-up, track-records, reminders, various index etc. At the same time I am a caring husband and dad of two loving gifted daughters. Being of Taurus Zodiac sign we are good managers. Hard working, loving, honest, fond of love, good food, outings, art and beauty,caring employer, excellent time sharer for family and employees,etc. With the time scale the load/responsibilities of the family and business started growing, it started becoming difficult for my human brain to retain the vast data without error as we the Taureans are well know for their commitments. Because of the complexity and expanse of data w.r.t time, I started missing my commitments, be it be my family or employees. During reviewing my self I used to get annoyed on myself for missing my commitments. I started getting sleepless nights, headaches, irritation in behavior etc. Trying other choices in vain, the best committed and devoted person to me, my wife, I appointed her as my P.A. she remained torn between demands of family and profession. I started searching a hand software which could reduce the load of my memory especially for track records, could it be date based or subject based. I came across many, I bought numerous of them, used them, customized them!!! Without mentioning their names (Sorry for that, it is my personal business ethics) I wish to say that they were good in their own aspects but they could not solve my requirements to its fullest.
My requirements are user friendly, simple but smart, portability with customizable computer program.
Recently I came across this SDS. Lo! it is working the way I need. It is irresistible for me to not to buy it, whether with the discount or without that. For sure would love and regards the discount, and in turn will remain highly obliged, personally and publicly.

With best wishes to the Developers' Team Members of 'Smart Diary Suit'.

With regards
Anil Sharma
Posted By: Anil Kumar Sharma
Electronics Engineer. Owned an Industry., India
Not Yet
Since several week now I've been trying and testing a few of the better diary software out there side by side. Of course there are other that not bad but none of them has the versatility and smartness of the Smart Diary Suite.<br />
<br />
Here I have not only a diary for my private thoughts but can keep all my contacts and do my schedules and task side by side. What I particularly like is the portable version that I can take with me on trips when I don't want to lug around my laptop, and the beautiful, well-constructed surface of the app. <br />
<br />
Well done for a very good price.
Posted By: Joachim Brahms
Yoga teacher, Dchermany
I've been struggling all my life with bad health especially back and leg problems. I tried to keep good records of events, medications, Dr visits, procedures, etc. using anything from written down notes to EMR programs that hospitals use and none of them fit the bill of what I needed, they were either to complicated with all the bells and whistles or weren't customizable enough. When your not feeling so good the last thing you want to do is try to remember your schedule of things to do like physical therapy, Dr visits, diet, meds and exercise on top of the everyday life events.. Today I found your program "Smart Diary Medical Edition free trail" and was very pleased to finally have found a program that actually seemed to be customized right out of the box with how I want to collect and review my personal data without adding frustration..

Thanks SDS!
Posted By: Jimmy
Calif, USA
I was looking for a programme that had a pill reminder on as I run my own care business & when your diary came up I was truly amazed at the potential it has :) your diary is absolutely amazing and I would also advise anyone thinking of getting a diary that this 1 by far exceeds any other out there. Thank you for such a brilliant and useful diary. Keep up the good work Chez x
Posted By: Cheryl
I run my own care business, West Midlands
I searched for a diary software that did just what I need, nothing more. I tried several other programs. The rest of the programs were too complex. They were difficult to understand and to use, and they cost a lot more, and did too much. I didn't plan to store my whole life in the diary. I just wanted to make some notes for future reference. My need is just the same as if I was using a pen and paper diary. I just want to write down the highlights of the day. Smart Diary is flexible enough to let me do what I want to do. And I can do more in the future If I want to. This is the one that works for me.
Posted By: jackshome@aol.com
I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and looking for a simple way to keep track of life's daily events. Writing information in a paper journal does not work due to the trembling of my hands. I began my search on the internet and found Smart Diary Suite,I was skeptical at first but did a few days of research so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did having PD it's critical that I keep track of how I feel each day,and of what changes occur so I can relay the info to my neurologist. I like the ability to track so many symptoms from moods, meds, weather to pain levels. Smart Diary Suite has been a blessing for me !

David ,Phoenix az
Posted By: David
Phoenix AZ

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