Having 4 auto-immune diseases is hard enough but even harder in the whirlwind of starting your life. Smart Diary Medical Edition free trail was amazing and completely changed my life. It added structure and support when at first there was none. It helps me track patterns and changes in health as well as just keeping track of work, things to do, and my own thoughts. And with me starting a diet, I’m hoping it can help me track my calorie intake and monitor my weight loss. Truly an amazing and life changing program. I can honestly say I have never used one like it before.
Posted By: Sarah H
I have been tracking my migraine headaches, my workout completion at the gym, and my weight. I have used lots of software and the Smart Diary Suite is one of the best I have seen or used.
Posted By: P. W. Lewis
United States
I suffer with the condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, (M.E.), which means I can suffer what is known as Brain Fog, and means that I cannot concentrate for long and have poor short term memory. This software means I can now organise my life and ensure that I do not miss medical or other important appointments. Having this back-up gives me great personal comfort and adds to my physical and mental well-being.

George O'Toole
Posted By: George O'Toole
Retired, West Lothian Scotland
I suffer with multiple mental illness, migraines, ADHD & more. I have numerous doctors, specialists & a psychologist. I take up to 4-5 different prescribed medications a day, which I am trialing & it may take some time to get all balanced.

I have researched appropriate diaries t& had little success until I found Smart Diary Suite. It was exactly what I was looking for. I can track my mood, log my medications & get reminders for prescription pickups. I can keep a diary of how I feel day to day & log information regarding medication side effects.

I have always wanted to keep my medical professionals informed of my day to day progress & Smart Diary Suite allows me to do this!

It is important that I develop an exercise regime & I can create that too. The life factor wizard & feature is great! I like to be precise about life factors & it’s all configurable!

A lot of thought has gone into this program & I am very impressed!

I would recommend this to anyone even if they do not require the more complex versions.

Also, the support is Australian based & is first class, very fast response times!

Go to Smart Diary Suite now & get your free trial … You have nothing to lose!
Posted By: Paul Maguire
I spent many time to search a programm like this. I like very much the friendly interface and features like nutrition and timeline mode. Very useful the grafh of weight and mood.
Posted By: Luigi
men age 45, italy
Dear SmartDiary Developers:

Thank you so much for creating this product.

I’ve been using the portable trial version for approximately two weeks, and it has been a tremendous help. I’m able to record my interaction with others; this gives me an ongoing record of communication and outstanding tasks for each person.

Your software suite is so comprehensive; it enables me to keep track of my daily “life.” I can track conversations, actions, tasks and many other items.

I’ve searched for years for a product like this one. I needed one that would enable me to make diary entries while tracking tasks and appointments. Outlook is good for tracking tasks, but not maintaining a diary.

I’m glad I had an opportunity to use the trial version, and I look forward to continued use by purchasing a copy before my trial period ends.

Now instead of spending time searching for the perfect diary and task management software program, I can simply use it to organize my life.

I highly recommend this product to anyone trying to organize their life.
Posted By: N. Richardson
As a Software Engineer I am very familiar with software suites and the best qualities to look for. The Smart Diary Suite is well designed and easy to use. Everything you need is easy to find, and the software has been well thought out.
The version that I use is the Medical version because I have serious health problems that I need to keep track of. After years of keeping this information on sheets of paper, I was thrilled to find one place to do it all. The Smart Diary Suite is a superior tool for anyone needing to keep their lives organized. I give it ***** (5 Stars)
Posted By: Gary Shollenberger
Software Engineer, Philadelphia, PA
I had been looking for such a software for long but couldn't find one that met my needs. This was the one I fell in love at first sight.
Posted By: Umair
HDSA.org - Forum

I just posted this on the national HDSA forum as as useful tool to maintain good records. Hope it works for you! :)

"I just downloaded this software's "Medical Edition".
I am enrolled in the Reach2HD research trial and need to keep track of the calendar, medicines, doctor visits, test results plus a increasing quantity of paperwork. So far chorea has been the most active HD symptom but my memory is beginning to get a bit unreliable. So I searched the web for a daily diary to keep a record of my history as long as possible. And then make it easier for my family or caretaker to jump in and keep the medical records updated. My current SafeWay bag full of manilla folders is too messy to use.

I highly recommend this software for us patients or caregivers to keep on top of things. Especially important is documenting for the Reach2HD trial. All drug reactions, other health issues, colds, infections, or vacations etc. If you are having memory problems it's better to start the diary sooner than later. FYI :)

Bob S. in Broomfield Colorado
Posted 6 seconds ago # Edit
Posted By: R. Snare
Retired manufacturing cost accountant, Colorado USA
Recently I was diagnosed with a genetic brain disease, HD (Huntington's Disease). Symptoms can vary. There are no cures on the horizon. The disease deteriorates the frontal brain tissue and causes memory loss as well as other cognitive degeneration.

It is important for me to keep daily track of progression of the disease, medications and dosages, office visits, and side affects from a HD drug trial I am beginning.

My manilla folder is way too big to manage. And as memory is an issue, the SmartDiary is the ideal solution for me. I can update notes with my doctors and share the information with my family or caretakers.

Thank you so much for providing this comprehensive solution for managing my disease. :)
Posted By: R. Snare
Retired manufacturing cost accountant, Boulder Colorado

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