I was looking for a programme that had a pill reminder on as I run my own care business & when your diary came up I was truly amazed at the potential it has :) your diary is absolutely amazing and I would also advise anyone thinking of getting a diary that this 1 by far exceeds any other out there. Thank you for such a brilliant and useful diary. Keep up the good work Chez x
Posted By: Cheryl
I run my own care business, West Midlands
I searched for a diary software that did just what I need, nothing more. I tried several other programs. The rest of the programs were too complex. They were difficult to understand and to use, and they cost a lot more, and did too much. I didn't plan to store my whole life in the diary. I just wanted to make some notes for future reference. My need is just the same as if I was using a pen and paper diary. I just want to write down the highlights of the day. Smart Diary is flexible enough to let me do what I want to do. And I can do more in the future If I want to. This is the one that works for me.
Posted By: jackshome@aol.com
I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and looking for a simple way to keep track of life's daily events. Writing information in a paper journal does not work due to the trembling of my hands. I began my search on the internet and found Smart Diary Suite,I was skeptical at first but did a few days of research so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did having PD it's critical that I keep track of how I feel each day,and of what changes occur so I can relay the info to my neurologist. I like the ability to track so many symptoms from moods, meds, weather to pain levels. Smart Diary Suite has been a blessing for me !

David ,Phoenix az
Posted By: David
Phoenix AZ
I am working very hard at regulating my life in terms of having multiple challenges. The better I am able to keep track of the many complex activities that I must participate in in a regular and methodical manner, the better I will be able to maintain responsibility for my own health and well-being.

Smart Diary Suite 4 Lite has shown me huge potential for this program to assist me in this process. This is why I am very excited at the prospect of using Smart diary Suite 4 Medical. I am very excited to begin using it.
Posted By: Lois Fysh
I am a pro-active individual who is constantly finding ways to improve my being responsible for my health, Alberta, Canada
I have tested it for a few days and I already know that I need to buy it - and that's while I usually prefer free software and have never paid for a better edition of a free software and I'm not planning on doing it again. But SDS is really great, with the diary and schedule, tasks, notes and nutrition sections! The life factors help me to keep track of e.g. exercising. I am not using this software for medical matters (I was surprised most people do because when I got it I hadn't realised it could be used like that) but for personal projects. It helps me to be organised, in fact it even motivates me to get on with stuff!
Posted By: Ricarda
It's so unusual to find a piece of software that fits your needs without getting someone to write it for you. I'm a single retired gent who is fed up living on not enough pension to keep in close contact with my family so I've decided to go back to work. Not with an employer but self employed. I've been their before so I thought I knew the ropes.

I had and A4 diary, post it notes all over the place, note books for the topics I needed to research, To-Do lists for Home and the new Business and was trying to put all this together in the diary. The business I have chosen is with an U.S. NLM company who distribute weight management and nutritional products so in addition to getting to know the business I have to lose 20 lbs!!! which means I need to change my eating habits.

I was getting so bogged down with this enterprise that I almost gave up. I had started using Microsoft Office, including Access to write databases to handle my to-do lists and Excel for tables and of course Word for noted, but I was spending more time opening and closing programs than actually making any progress.

Until that is, I Googled “Diary with tasks schedules and notes”. I got 87,000 results. “Office.microsoft.com/templates/to-do-lists” did look promising until I found Smart Diary Suite. I had spent weeks trying to collect my thoughts and compile them into some sort of coherent plan that would enable me to move forward and I had failed hopelessly until I downloaded Smart Diary Suite. It just seemed to have been written for me. Everything I needed in one place. I could turn my thoughts into notes, set up tasks to reach my objectives and schedule those tasks into a coherent plan of action.

I've only been using this software for fifteen days but I know I wont be able to achieve my objectives without it and there is still so much to play with. I haven't looked at the recipes and nutrition section yet or the contacts and community.

Thank you Smart Diary Suite 4. I think you just might have changed my chances of success from mediocre to very good.

My A. May
North Wales
Posted By: Adrian May
Single Retired Male, North Wales, U.K.
I really like smartsuite because it is a great way for me to organize my daily devotions. I have a time of meditation and like to write things down. The problem is I keep on losing my notebooks. With this program it means I am able to know where everything is. The added advantage is that everything is searchable. I am also excited about using it as an accountability method with regard to sleeping and eating etc.

Great job on a program that is excellent and inexpensive!
Posted By: bill kelly
I am a missionary, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Having 4 auto-immune diseases is hard enough but even harder in the whirlwind of starting your life. Smart Diary Medical Edition free trail was amazing and completely changed my life. It added structure and support when at first there was none. It helps me track patterns and changes in health as well as just keeping track of work, things to do, and my own thoughts. And with me starting a diet, I’m hoping it can help me track my calorie intake and monitor my weight loss. Truly an amazing and life changing program. I can honestly say I have never used one like it before.
Posted By: Sarah H
I have been tracking my migraine headaches, my workout completion at the gym, and my weight. I have used lots of software and the Smart Diary Suite is one of the best I have seen or used.
Posted By: P. W. Lewis
United States
I suffer with the condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, (M.E.), which means I can suffer what is known as Brain Fog, and means that I cannot concentrate for long and have poor short term memory. This software means I can now organise my life and ensure that I do not miss medical or other important appointments. Having this back-up gives me great personal comfort and adds to my physical and mental well-being.

George O'Toole
Posted By: George O'Toole
Retired, West Lothian Scotland

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