What is a Life Factor

A life factor can be absolutely anything you wish to track, e.g. diet, exercise regime, mood, energy levels, medications taken, dreams and just about anything else you can think of. You will see them plotted on a chart and that will allow you to visually relate them to each other and your diary entries.

When you first install SDS you will get three default groups with various Life Factors in them that you are free to modify to suit your needs:

  • Body is the physical state of your body such as fatigue levels, weight and others.
  • Mind is your mental state and is inclusive of levels of well being such as anxiety, comfort levels and others.
  • Matter is the external world that shapes your life and impacts on it such as weather, temperature, humidity and others.

This categorization logic is offered as an entry-point to the SDS visual life factor experience. For ease of use we encourage you to start with this logistic scheme and further suggest that you experiment by adding, removing and modifying life factors, so that they more accurately reflect your individual and unique life style.

Additionally, already prepared life factor packs can be downloaded from our online community that have been asked for or provided by our community members. Packages can be imported within the elementary logic (body, mind and matter) or used freestanding. The way in which you use SDS is entirely up to you! All Life Factor packs are always free!

By adding, modifying or combining life factor options Smart Diary Suite becomes your personal information management solution. It can be as creative and innovative as you are. Please experiment, modify, adopt and adapt this important tool to your personal and individual needs. We would be happy to hear of ways in which you have modified Smart Diary Suite to your needs and ways to improve the product in the online community.

System Requirements

Smart Diary Suite 4 runs on:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Our software does not contain adware, spyware or computer viruses.

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