Why Choose Smart Diary Suite

Smart Diary Suite is different to others. It is better. Since 1997, we have pioneered a new way to keep a journal of your life. You can plot your exercise program against your diary of health notes and see how they interact. Add information about changes in your diet and see how these changes have affected your health and activity levels. See how your mood is affected by your sleep. Track fatigue against dreams, diet or any part of your life that you choose.

In addition to using informative graphs to show you how your choices affect your life, Smart Diary Suite has all of the functions that you would expect to find in a professionally designed Personal Information Manager.

With 3 editions to choose from (see Compare Editions for their differences), you are sure to find one that suits your particular needs!

While others pursued and continued to reproduce traditional ways of diary keeping, Smart Diary Suite from the very beginning in 1997 was thinking outside the box and looked for ways to let customers customize their information keeping needs. Essentially, Smart Diary Suite has been driven by customer feedback and all features that you see are there because of customers asking for them!

Our philosophy is that software solutions need to be as different and flexible as life itself and they must be able to adapt to the changing needs of users. One of such unique and innovative ways is the use of diary life factors that help you express your difference!

There are zillions of your usual diaries out there, but we are interested in creating a product for those who want to dig deeper than simply writing a few notes down here and there (of course you can still do that easily using SDS). Instead, my aim is to produce an application that would allow you to (a) show your life visually (b) be easy to use (c) not limit you in the way you do this.

Smart Diary Suite advanced through valuable customer feedback which is why we always listen to what you say!

Check out some feedback and awards SDS received on the dedicated page.


System Requirements

Smart Diary Suite 4 runs on:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Our software does not contain adware, spyware or computer viruses.

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