FAQ For Users of Previous Versions

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FAQ For Users of Previous Versions

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't find what you need, please visit our forum or contact support - we are always happy to talk to you!

Can I import my data into Smart Diary Suite 4?

Yes, absolutely! We wouldn't let you down and destroy all those years of your thoughts, memories and other important information. Use the Import Wizard.


Will all data be imported or only some of it?

All data will be imported except for the temporary information held in the Smart Diary Suite 3 "scratch pads". However, if you have some important information stored in them (although remember, they were supposed to be only temporary!), then we'll be happy to get that data for you. Please contact us for further information.


What versions are supported?

We will import data from Smart Diary v2.22 and Smart Diary Suite v3.1. If you are using versions other than those, please upgrade first to those versions and then import your data.


Does it take long?

No, it doesn't. Depending on your machine configuration and how many years worth of data you have, it may take a minute or two.


What happened to parameters?

Nothing really, we just renamed them to "Life Factors", because the term reflects their purpose better.


Is Smart Diary Suite 4 better than previous versions?

Absolutely! It has been rewritten from the ground up, so no old technology exists here - it's all modern and future-proof!