Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of the most frequently asked questions are located in this section. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please visit our forum or contact support - we are always happy to talk to you!


How do I get the graph to not plot the current diary entry?

To turn off plotting for the current diary entry, in the File menu, ensure Plot on Graph is turned off. You can also do this from the toolbar.


Can I turn off axis descriptions and the legend to make more room for my graph?

Yes. Select Tools, Options, Graph, and unselect Show graph legend.  Then select the Advanced Graph and unselect Show axis descriptions.


Is there a quick way to assign an item to a category?

Yes, you don't have to open the Categories window, if you wish to add a new category - simply type it in the category combo box and a new category will be added for you.


Can I get more Life Factor packs?

Yes. Visit our online community and see what else is available. If you find what you need, you can download it and import it into your diary.


How can I import downloaded life factors?

After you download the Life Factor pack that is of interest of you, please go to your Life Factors window (from the menu - Diary -> Customize -> Configure Life Factors or use the toolbar button) and in that window you'll see the Import button. Use that to select the file you downloaded and you'll see the import window that will allow you to choose what exactly you want to import and if you wish to place it in a group of its own.


How can I change the categories used in the Schedule?

Select Schedule, Categories, Customize to open the Schedule Categories window.


I am not using all the features, can I hide what I don't use?

Just go to the Tools, Options, Advanced and unselect the features you don't need. (You can do this in reverse later, if you need them back.)


If I step away from my computer for a few minutes, can I prevent other people from reading my entries?

Absolutely! Select Tools, Options, then select Privacy and turn on either (or both) of the privacy options.


Can I run Smart Diary Suite from my USB flash drive?

Yes, you just need to download a special version available for free from our site.


What does the filter edit box in the toolbar do?

Type some text there and the relevant list will be quickly pruned to show you only entries that contain that bit of text.


What is the group box (or group by) and how do I use them?

Use the Show Group Box menu item from the View menu, then drag any column to that box to group the list by that column. You can also click on the column to sort the list.

How can I import my entries from previous versions?

Please also see FAQ For Users of Previous Versions.


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