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If not visible, click the Diary button.

Use the Diary feature to record your thoughts and feelings, nutrition, and changes to your Life Factors.



Managing and reviewing your diary entries:

1.Select a Diary Entry.
The contents appears in the Preview panel. (You can also click the button to display Life Factors.)

2.Right-click to bring up the mouse menu and select one of the following:

New Entry: Opens a new Diary Entry for you to complete.

Edit Entry: Opens the selected Diary Entry for editing. (Double-clicking also does this.)

Delete Entry: Remove the entry.

Play Voice: Play any existing voice recording.

Schedule: "Add" the entry to the your Schedule,  "Edit" the Diary Entry's entry on the Schedule, or "Delete" the this entry from the schedule.

Set Category: Tag the entry with a category. Either select an existing one, or type one into the empty box.


You can also do all of the above using the toolbar, the menus or the keyboard shortcuts displayed on the menus.

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