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Diary Editor

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In the Diary, double-click an existing entry, or right-click and select New Entry.

A Diary Entry is the place to set down your day to day thoughts and feelings, track your Life Factors,  and update your Pain Map. You can also record your voice to create audio diary entries (not SDS Lite).


Diary Editor


To enter or edit a Diary Entry:

1.Enter or edit text as you would using a normal word processing program. Hover the mouse over the toolbar to see what the buttons do.

2.If required:

Update the Life Factors.

Update the Pain Map. (Click the button to display this.)

Edit the date and time using the arrow buttons.

3.Use one of the save buttons to save the entry.

To customize the list of available Life Factors:

Do one of the following:

From the Life Factors menu, select Configure Life Factors.
The Configure Life Factors window opens, enabling to you edit existing Life Factors.

From the Life Factors menu, select Life Factors Wizard.
The Life Factor Wizard opens.

From the Life Factors menu, select Edit Life Factor Groups
Edit Life Factor Groups

To record an audio entry:

In the Voice menu, select Start Recording.
The Voice Recording window opens.

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