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Recipe Editor

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In the Nutrition, double-click an entry or right-click and select New Recipe.

The Recipe Editor enables you to record not the ingredients, but also full instructions and notes for your recipes. You can use this information to track your intake of nutrition.


TIP: When reviewing an existing recipe, in the Ingredients list, click the Select column title. This moves all the selected ingredients to the top of the list.


Recipe Editor

To enter a recipe:

1.Enter a meaningful Recipe Name.

2.For each ingredient:

a.Enter part of the name in the filter box.
The list narrows down to just items containing that name.

b.Locate the ingredient and check its Select box.

c.Enter Weight and Units. These are required for calculating the nutritional content of the recipe, and also for the shopping list.

3.Enter any instructions in the text box.

4.Click one of the save buttons.

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