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Shopping List

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In the Nutrition, click on the Shopping List button (lower right).

The built-in shopping list enables you to shop for the ingredients contained in your recipes. You can also add additional items and edit the list itself before printing.


Shopping List

Using a shopping list:

1.For each recipe that you want to shop for:

a.In the Recipe panel, right-click the recipe and select Add to shopping list.
The ingredients appear in the shopping list.

b.Click in the entry to edit any of the details.
Alternatively, double-click the entry to open the Shopping List Item window.

2.ClickPrintMe to print the list.

To edit or delete an item do one of the following:

Double-click the item to open the Shopping List Item window.

Right-click the item top open the mouse-menu.

Delete several items by selecting them and clicking DeleteItem

To clear the list:

Right-click and select Remove All.

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