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If not visible, click the Tasks button.

The Tasks is the place to manage your to-do list, setting priorities for particular tasks, and scheduling them if required. Because you can also create sub-tasks and generate a Gantt chart, you can use this feature for simple project management.



To add a Task:

Right-click to open the mouse menu, then select New Task, or New Child Entry.
The Task Details window opens.

To edit or delete a Task do one of the following:

Double-click an entry.
The Task Details window opens. Among other things, this enables you to add tasks to the Schedule, and to display them in the Gantt Chart.

Right-click to open the context menu.

To create a schedule for the item:

Right-click the item and select Schedule, Add to schedule.
The Schedule window opens. You can also delete or edit a schedule item this way.

To rearrange the Graph and the Gantt Chart do one of the following:

Drag the boundaries to resize.

Double-click the top bar to undock, then drag as required.

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