Life Factor Types

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Life Factor Types

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You have a number of options when it comes to configuring life factors to keep track of important information. Please read the following descriptions to help you choose the right ones for you.


Text, Numeric and Check Box (Simple)


This allows you to contain any Text or accept only Numeric values (and optionally allow for floating point numbers) or be a toggle between checked value and unchecked value shown as a Check Box.


Combo Box, Vertical Spin Control and Horizontal Spin Control (Lists)


All list types consist of a number of text items. The difference is what they will look like when you edit them.


Spin, Slider, Spin and Slider (Range)


All range values are a numeric value between some from and to values.




Graphic is a variation of the Lists type where you can assign any supported picture type (bitmap, gif, icon, jpeg, pcx, png, targa and wmf) to an item. They will be automatically resized to a maximum of 40 by 40 pixels, keeping the original aspect ratio - of course the original picture is not modified.


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