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From the Options dialog, select General

The General Options dialog enables you to configure SDS' settings.


Automatically run on Windows startup: Sets whether to launch SDS when Microsoft Windows starts.

Show splash screen while loading: Sets whether to show the graphic screen while loading SDS.

Start minimized: Sets whether to start SDS minimize or as a normally sized window.

Minimize to system tray: Specifies whether to minimize SDS to the task bar or to the system tray.

Minimize on closing: Specifies whether to close SDS when the close button is clicked or to minimize it to prevent accidental closure.

Always show tray icon: Specifies whether to always show a tray icon when SDS is running.

Go to this mode when starting: Sets the first feature that will be selected when SDS starts.

Automaically open current diary next time: Specifies whether to open the current diary next time SDS is launched or not.

Check for updates when the program starts: Sets whether SDS should go to the Internet to check if a newer version is available or not when it's launched.

Select color theme: Sets the general visual color theme to be used.

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