Welcome to Smart Diary® Suite 4

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Welcome to Smart Diary® Suite 4

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Smart Diary Suite 4

Smart Diary® Suite 4 is the ultimate Diary and Personal Information Manager solution to help you organize and monitor your life, and personal growth. It's the result of more than ten years of effort on our part, pioneering a new way to keep a journal of your life.


It can be as simple or as extensive as you want it to be - you have full control over how information is organized and presented. Plot your exercise program against your diary of health notes and see how they interact. Log changes in your diet and see how these affect your health and activity levels. Investigate how your mood is affected by your sleep. Track fatigue against dreams, diet or any part of your life that you choose - you can add your own Life Factors and organize them to suit your unique goals.


In addition, Smart Diary Suite provides all the tools that you would expect to find in a professionally designed Personal Information Manager, enabling you to bring your entire life together in one place!


Getting started

Work through the Getting Started section.

Visit the forums and don't hesitate to ask questions - we are always happy to talk to you!

If upgrading from an earlier version. see the Upgrade FAQ for a quick summary of major changes and instructions on how to import your information.