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We live in the information age. Everything we do, everywhere we go, it is all about information. Want to know how a movie was? We have information about that. Need to know what dryer to purchase? We have information that can help you make that decision. Curious where the best schools are? We can help you find that too. Want to know when you last had a physical? We can't wait, do we have that? With all of the information swirling around us, it seems that the one area that we know the least about is our own personal lives. Journal software was designed to help people gain control of their own information, and put it right at their fingertips, so that we can answer questions about our own lives just as quickly as we can find the best route cross town during rush hour.

Journal software is a personal information management tool that enables users to collect information about themselves, store it all in one location and get some help tracking trending and learning about their own lives. With built in calendars, schedules, contacts and more, a good journal package can take even the most disorganized person from chaos to order. Simply enter all of the important dates in your life into your calendar, and you will never miss another birthday or anniversary. Schedule doctor's appointments, interviews, sports practices, recitals and more and get convenient reminders and alerts, when you need them so that you can be on time from now on.

More than a calendar though, journal software will also keep track of your contacts for you. Forget traditional address books or e-mail contact lists that only work with one e-mail address. A journal program will keep all of your contacts together, in one convenient location so that you can use them whenever you need them. By journaling your life into a good journal program, like Smart Diary Suite you can also keep track of trends and stay in control of your own, personal well being. Smart Diary Suite is fully customizable, allowing you to monitor everything from your daily sleep habits, to calorie consumption and then utilize an easy graphical interface to see how those factors shape your life.

In an age where we have information about everything and everyone else imaginable, shouldn't you arm yourself with information about you, too? Visit to learn more about the awesome features that can help bring your life under your own control for once and for all.



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